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Interviewing with Confidence

So you’ve applied for a job and now they’re calling you for an interview…


What people don’t realize is that some employers receive up to 300 (if not more) job submissions for 1 position!

This is a tip that I love to always remind people of because at the end of the day: YOU ARE THE PRIZE. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a job seeker *multiple* times and felt as though “I would be so lucky to get this job” or “I hope they really like me because I NEED this opportunity.” Well guys and gals here’s a little news flash: They need YOU as much as YOU need THEM. I mean, that’s why there’s an available position right? I also remind applicants that they’ve already seen something on your resume that they like and decided to call you for an interview to see if you can really sell what you are trying to market.

Go in with confidence! You, personally, have to believe that you have the skills and knowledge to really shine in the position and that projection would make them believe it as well.

Remember that you deserve to be there and if the opportunity is for you then everything will work out!

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